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Hello, all! And welcome to sonnentreppe, a community dedicated to discussion and just plain fandorking of the Resident Evil/Biohazard franchise. Where fans of all walks can come and just love this amazing series together. All sorts of posts are welcome here!

So keep your anti-virus close, get a can of Cho Cho Cola and an order of Burger Kong, and join in the fun in the Stairway to the Sun. Which is what the community's name means - which is the name of the flower with the Progenitor Virus that basically started the storyline of the series.


Because we've got to have them. Though hopefully everybody joining has some idea of proper internet fandom etiquette.

   Friends-lock any entries that contain downloads to things such as videos, OSTs and the like.

   LJ-cut spoilers. I trust that most people have a good sense of how much time should pass until they start posting information/questions/discussion on topics that are from the newer titles without one. News and discussion on upcoming and newly released titles should always have LJ-cuts with proper warnings. Here is an LJ-cut FAQ!

   Bashing of any kind (character, pairing, title, other user) will result in a boot to the head. And a ban, if it's continuous behavior. There is a line between civil discussion ("I'm just not really a fan of [X]. Here are a couple of civilly-worded, not-insulting-to-the-person-you-are-talking-to reasons why.") and flaming and bashing ("[X] is a whore." "[X] is an asshole." "I hate [X]." "Fans of [X] are losers."). Please think before you comment on a subject that can potentially blow up.

   When posting a fanwork (fic, art, video), please label what the content is of what you are posting. The genre (het, yaoi, yuri, gen), rating (pg, pg-13, nc-17, etc.), and character(s) or pairing(s) featured. Please cut images (but previews are fine to post outside of a cut!) as it's only kind to your fellow fans. If you're working on a set of themes and going through them at a fast rate, please keep the posts in groups at the very least, instead of one post per theme.

This community is open to all different aspects and opinions in fandom, so please never be afraid to post something here!

   Roleplay advertisements are okay in this community, if you're looking for Resident Evil characters! However, please put these ads under LJ-cuts. And you may re-advertise again in 4 months.

   Please keep in mind that there is no toleration for insulting or attacking any users. Moderators have a right to ban anybody getting out of line. If you feel you are being attacked in any way, please contact a moderator, and the issue will be dealt with. Un-cut spoilers will be deleted if the user does not edit their post within a certain amount of time.

ALL IN ALL KIDS, despite the big long elaborate rules, it all boils down to common sense and courtesy. I just apparently like rambling.


gaignun is your friendly neighborhood moderator. If there are any question or concerns, feel free to:
- send her a message through LJ
- e-mail her! (stormwaltzing at gmail)
and she will get back to you ASAP.


See that contact section right on top of this? Use that to request an affiliate too! This community will affiliate with other Resident Evil-related communities, as well as icon journals from members who make RE icons.

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